Our story begins with you

At HiSmile, we believe that it’s not a single product, advertisement, or celebrity endorsement that is the key to our success.

It’s the community.

The relationships that we share with our customers fuel our passion, and push us forward each and every day.

We believe in great design, deep conversations, and powerful connections.

About HiSmile About HiSmile

From idea conception at our headquarters on the Gold Coast, Australia, to unboxing your first order with HiSmile, speaking with our Customer Experience team or interacting with our Community Management team we are constantly striving to achieve a memorable experience for all customers.

By taking a customer-minded approach to work each day, our team thrives upon creating meaningful relationships with each and every customer.

To this day, we’re proud to say that our community always come first, and that we are committed to creating a unique experience for each and every individual.

About HiSmile About HiSmile

To us, it’s more than just oral care products.

It’s a global community of like minded individuals who are confident in the pursuit of their goals.

Since 2014, our objective has always been to provide unique experiences for each and every one of our customers.

About HiSmile About HiSmile

We look forward to continuing the journey, with you.